ENTRY #003 | Shackles and Chains

Entry #003 | Shackles and Chains

During high school, I obsessed alot over my ADHD, and what I was incapable of doing. I was obsessed with the limitations that would shackle me, and hold me down, and as a result, I spent excessive amounts of time belittling myself over that…. These things I could not control, were things I would blame myself for… This led to my mental decline, because the more I would resent myself for my mistakes, and fell farther away from getting a decent GPA, and getting into a decent college, I would fall under the conviction that I hated myself… I taught my body to feel this way, and respond in this way, because the mind and body is a two way street, and intersect… Eventually, I started focusing on my breath, on a moment to moment basis, and would pay deliberate attention to how it felt for the wind to travel through your lungs, and leave your body… I made this a daily habit, to focus on the very sensation of breathing… To distract my body from the learned self deprived responses, formed by habit, and as time went on, my mood improved heavily… We can teach our bodies to function differently, and reverse engineer our habitual thoughts… We are very malleable, and we can decide we don’t want to feel this way.

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