Entry #001 | Growing Pains


Entry #001 | Growing Pains

Ah yes, welcome, visitor… If you see this, then let me congratulate you, you are the bystander, the eyewitness of the creation of a masterpiece, a test, a challenge to god, my creation. If you are reading this, you are witnessing the next step to evolution, welcome, traveler to CitrusKill™, the world’s first magic t-shirt emporium…

ACK! Damn– faulty wiring… Those shadow monkeys and mosquito bats are going to be paying for this… Anyway, visitor, allow me to introduce myself, I am Mr. Lemon, the founder of this establishment. To tell you more about myself, people occasionally consider me an alturist, though I refuse to consider myself such, I only desire to make the world a better place with my t-shirts… I only desire to keep people warm and happy, give them accompaniment… Hopefully by the end of today, you will find a new friend who will stick alongside you through thick and thin…

I have work to do, and must attend to more researc–ACK–God–my foot! WHO LEFT THIS MONKEY-WRENCH ON THE FLOOR YOU DAMN IMBECILES! I swear to god, if they don’t pick up this debris, every single one of these insolent bastards are getting the pink slip.

stay juicy

Mr. Lemon | Founder of CitrusKill™

2 thoughts on “Entry #001 | Growing Pains

    1. Wonderful you may ask. 🙂

      I will post in a couple of days but it’s wonderful someone is interested in hearing about it!


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