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Most frequent questions and answers

Magic Citruskill™ brand shirts are our classic models in our clothing line… Our magic shirts use a successful and proven formula, comprised of a mixture of magic potions and elixrs, all providing strange and wacky magic abilities, such as relaxation, or seduction…

Magic shirts, while unique and different from one another, comprise of a secret formula, looked deep underneath the magic shack, where no one could ever reach it.

Psychedelic Citruskill™ brand shirts are premium models of clothing that use more complex and intricate designs. These are very experimental t-shirts, where we stray from the rules of the lab, become maniacs and orchestrate chaos.

These t-shirts conform to no laws of ethics, morality, scientific, societal, or logical boundaries, these shirts are crafted especially to defy, and challenge the predetermined notion of what a man would wear.

Be weary though, these psychedelic t-shirts hold secrets far beyond what the mind can comprehend, and are very powerful. Use with caution. Or not! Your choice, young one! Bu-ha-hah-ha-ha-ha cough cough oh….

Any orders over $50.00 will be eligible for free shipping, young traveler. The world is your oyster! Check the Shipping Policy section for more info.

In the event of your t-shirt becoming sentient and your need of wearing clothing contradicting with it’s desire for autonomy and freedom, it may attempt to initiate a rebellion against you. But don’t worry my dear friend, we have a contingency.

Any product is eligible for a refund for 30 days after a purchase, though we can not do anything about your ill-fitted friend after that period of time and can only advise you not to feed it after midnight.

If your Citruskill™ magic or psychedelic t-shirt is not the correct t-shirt color, design, or you have any other issues with your product and would like to get it replaced,

To get a refund, you can send an email to support@citruskill.com with your receipt, and we will give you your money back. Check the Shipping Policy section for more info.